@aireeyoncosplay as Shinsou Hitoshi from My Hero Academia

Cosplayer:ErionInstagram:@aireeyoncosplayWas in a bit of a time crunch for a wig for Shinsou, but as always, epiccosplay came through with the perfect wig for a crazy style. The Apollo continues to be one of the most versatile wigs I’ve used for numerous cosplays. This cosplay was worn at Tekko 2019 […]

Krickett Cosplay as Shinsou from My Hero Academia

Cosplayer:Krickett CosplayInstagram:krickettcosplayDebuted at Momocon 2019

Ori as Dabi from My Hero Academia

Cosplayer:OriInstagram:goldengorecosplayPhotographerJesse PulidoPhotographer InstagramcocorecchoI love cosplaying Dabi! These awesome photos of me (by Jesse Pulido) are from Sakura Con 2019. This cosplay was my first time spiking a wig, and the Apollo in Black style made it easy for me. Costume is made by me.

@friedicecubes as Shouta Aizawa from My Hero Academia

Cosplayer:@friedicecubesFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/topkekjax/Instagram:@friedicecubesPhotographerMarinaPhotographer Instagram@missingbuttons This outfit was originally made back in October 2018. The picture above is me as Shouta Aizawa, and the other cosplayer is Ms. Joke. The picture was taken January 13th of this year during Anime Los Angeles 2019 at the Ontario Convention Center in California. The wig was […]

SaltySquidCosplay as Katsuki Bakugou from My Hero Academia

Cosplayer:SaltySquidCosplayFacebook:https://m.facebook.com/Salty-Squid-1781256898662450/Instagram:@SaltySquidCosplayPhotographerHaleyPhotographer Instagram@heimeiartThis was a cosplay I did at Anaheim’s WonderCon 2019. The outfit is inspired by season 2 of My Hero Academia at the end of the sports festival arc where Bakugou is a little extra upset by the results.

freestvle as Uraraka Ochako from My Hero Academia

Cosplayer:freestvleInstagram:freestvleDyed from it’s original Caramel Blonde to dark brown using Rit Dyemore synthetic in “Chocolate Brown” and “Sandstone”. 


Cosplayer:Nico HebeInstagram:nico.hebeEpicCosplay wig:  Hecate in Black for Momo Yaoyorozu from My Hero Academia Cosplayer Nico Hebe does an amazing job as Momo Yaoyorozu from My Hero Academia. In her cosplay, she makes great utilization of our Hecate wig in black combined with a ponytail clip-on! Check out her story below […]

Young Izuku Midoriya/Small Might from My Hero Academia

Cosplayer:Izuku MiroriyaInstagram:chokedonabobaEpicCosplay Wig: Apollo in Forest Green Mix  for Small Might/Young Midoriya cosplay from My Hero Academia My Hero Academia fans are sure to adore this one! Featured cosplayer Chokedonaboba shows off a cozy take on Izuku Midoriya as a youngster. This costume is based on a flashback scene, showing Midoriya dressed as his hero […]

Deku from my hero academia


Kaira Rin Cosplay as All Might from My hero academia

Cosplayer:Kaira Rin CosplayFacebook:Facebook.com/kaitarincosplayInstagram:@kairarincosplayEpicCosplay Wig: Eros in Natural Blonde for All Might cosplay This awesome All Might cosplay reimagines the inspiring U.A. High School teacher with long flowing locks, using the Eros wig from Epic Cosplay as a base. My Hero Academia fans are sure to recognize Toshinori Yagi in all […]

Daddydagon fantasy!kirishima from my hero academia

Cosplayer:daddydagonFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/gonzalvez.gabrielInstagram:daddydagonEpicCosplay wig: Keto in Apple Red Mix for Fantasy AU Kirishima cosplay from My Hero Academia Fans of My Hero Academia are sure to appreciate this deep cut Kirishima cosplay, based on the fantasy alternate universe depicted in one of Season 2’s ending themes. Featured cosplayer Daddydagon showcases the finished […]

Deku Cosplay

Deku Cosplay: My Hero Academia

Cosplayer:TorchnuggetInstagram:@torchnuggetEpicCosplay wig: Apollo in Forest Green for Deku Cosplay I’ve used this as my Deku cosplay wig for over a year now and it’s still my favorite! I cosplay him to lots of cons but mostly AWA and Momocon! Editor Comments: Izuku is such a fun character to cosplay! There are […]

Wigspiration: My Hero Academia

Finally, a Wigspiratrions post for My Hero Academia featuring some of our amazing customers! We’re missing a few notable characters, namely Momo, Ida and Todoroki, so if you or know someone who has cosplay photos that can fill in the roster, please send them to tiffany@epiccosplay.com. Thank you! Now lets […]

Minoru Mineta (fem) from My Hero Academia

This awesome Minoru Mineta cosplay offers a feminine take on the My Hero Academia character. Minoru Mineta is a fan favorite, infamous for his perverted and impulsive antics. Cosplayer paraphrase took care to ensure this genderbend Minoru Mineta cosplay retained recognizable features. Swapping out the uniform pants for the skirt […]

Mount Lady from My Hero Academia

The indomitable Yu Takeyama showcases her larger-than-life hero form in this Mount Lady cosplay by Ame Cosplays. Relatively new to the pro hero scene, this character relishes attention from the press and public alike. She’s even happy to steal the spotlight from other heroes with her powerful moves and irresistible […]

All Might (fem) from My Hero Academia

This isn’t your average All Might cosplay. Miryoku Cosplay describes this look as Gogo All Might, a cool feminine take on the classic costume the My Hero Academia character wears in his powered-up hero form. Name: Miryoku Cosplay (@miryokucosplay) Photos by: @nude_carbon_studios Costume: All Might (fem) EpicCosplay Wig: Hecate in Autumn Gold Behind […]

Eijiro Kirishima from My Hero Academia

This Eijiro Kirishima cosplay is super-inspiring, from the detailed armor to the accurate wig styling. iWood Cosplay did such a fantastic job with this project! Behind his intimidating Red Riot hero form, this My Hero Academia character is an outgoing and kindhearted student at U.A. High School. He prizes concepts […]

Himiko Toga from My Hero Academia

Gunpla Lady showcases a fan favorite My Hero Academia villain with this battle-ready Himiko Toga cosplay. The cheerfully sadistic Toga is part of an elite group of new recruits to the League of Villains, known as the Vanguard Action Squad. Although these antagonists try their best to thwart the heroes […]

Deku from My Hero Academia

This fantastic Deku wig is right on point! The styling is the work of Etna San Cosplay, pictured here in this super-fun hero photoshoot. For those who haven’t watched My Hero Academia yet, Izuku Midoriya is the charming and determined main protagonist. As the other children his age start developing […]

goldengorecosplay as Dabi from My Hero Acedemia

Cosplayer:goldengorecosplayInstagram:goldengorecosplayEpicCosplay Wig: Apollo in Natural Black for Dabi cosplay from My Hero Academia Check out this super-cool Dabi cosplay by goldengorecosplay! Despite the character’s role as an antagonistic villain, Dabi remains a favorite among My Hero Academia enthusiasts. There are tons of reasons to find this character interesting – the […]

Genderbent Shouto Todoroki from Boku no Hero Academia

Cosplayer:ChloeInstagram:actualyohaneEpicCosplay Wigs: Theia in Classic White and Apple Red Mix for genderbent Shouto Todoroki cosplay This genderbent Shouto Todoroki cosplay gives the Icy Hot hero-in-training a cool feminine style. My Hero Academia fans know Todoroki as a reserved yet extremely capable U.A. High School student with a tragic backstory. With […]

Zero Two / Darling in the Franxx

Cosplayer:@MarissatronFor C2E2 in Chicago, I did a cross-over cosplay of Zero Two ( Darling in the Franxx) as a UA student from My Hero Academia. This wig was perfect!! Trimmed up the bangs and cut shorter pieces in front to resemble her hair on the anime. Highly recommend!

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