Daddydagon fantasy!kirishima from my hero academia


EpicCosplay wig: Keto in Apple Red Mix for Fantasy AU Kirishima cosplay from My Hero Academia

Fans of My Hero Academia are sure to appreciate this deep cut Kirishima cosplay, based on the fantasy alternate universe depicted in one of Season 2’s ending themes. Featured cosplayer Daddydagon showcases the finished look in the incredible photoset below – along with some fantastic feedback about the EpicCosplay wig used for this style.

Here are some words from Daddydagon:


this is the keto lace front wig in apple red. i spiked and styled this wig for los angeles comic 2018. its wefts are perfect for the voluminous spikes i needed, and the fibers play really well with heat. the hairline on this looks especially great. the best part is the wig’s so light i was able to comfortably and convincingly wear it without the need for spirit gum/topstick! seriously, this is a fantastic wig, and almost shockingly affordable.


Behind the Style: Kirishima Cosplay Wig

Featured cosplayer Daddydagon used the Keto wig from EpicCosplay as a base for this design. Keto is a short wig style. It lays slightly longer in the front, measuring about 14 inches. The back falls closer to 13.5 inches. The lace front design allows for a nice natural-looking hairline. Of course, a subtle hairline is essential for upward-spiked styles like this one.

The color is a fantastic match for the character as well. This color is Apple Red Mix, a blend that uses multiple shades of red to create a dimensional look with impressive depth. Are you using a different color palette for your own take on a Kirishima cosplay? You might also find the Dark Red option to be another color worth exploring. EpicCosplay also offers inexpensive wig color samples for a few of the most popular color options.

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