Bejuled Cosplay as young Victor from Yuri on Ice

Cosplayer:Bejuled originally got this wig for another cosplay, but when it came in the mail I saw that it was just perfect for a quick young victor and I couldn’t pass it up! Just tied it back in a ponytail and had a fun day!

Bejuled Cosplay as Pajama Izana from Fire Emblem Fates

Cosplayer:Bejuled  Photo: @sciguyrope The wig was absolutely perfect for Izana! I sprayed it down with watered down oil and conditioner then heat sealed that in, and with that it didn’t tangle once!


Cosplayer:TsundereChanFacebook: of gamble is an original character that I made based on a story I was writing. The character is an oni who attracts poor desperate human beings in his clutches proposing to realize their desire in case of victory. The problem is that the possibility of victory is almost […]


Cosplayer:TsundereChanFacebook: of gambling is an original character that I made based on a story I was writing. The character is an oni who attracts poor desperate human beings in his clutches proposing to realize their desire in case of victory. The problem is that the possibility of victory is almost […]

Astar as Hina Hikawa from Bang! Dream

Cosplayer:AstarInstagram:@bitterincensePhotos from Genericon XXXII. I never remember to take off my con badge for photos cus’ I’m a big ol’ dummy. I plan on adding wefts to braid later on.

Alice from Alice Madness Returns

Cosplayer:ApeyyysaurInstagram:apeyyysaurThis is my cosplay from Anime Weekend Atlanta a few years ago. I loved this game immediately & this is my favorite outfit of hers from the game. I won my first craftsmanship award with this cosplay 🙂 the wig was perfect and all I had to do was straighten […]

Airi from Queens Blade

Cosplayer:ApeyyysaurInstagram:apeyyysaurThis is my cosplay of Airi from Queens Blade 🙂

Coffeekoe as Five from The Umbrella Academy

Cosplayer:MoiraInstagram:coffeekoeHere is my number five cosplay that I made for Toronto Comicon!

Just Believe Cosplay as Mitsuki from Boruto

Cosplayer:Just Believe CosplayFacebook: Apollo worked really great for Mitsuki, it’s so thick and fluffy. This was the first time I’d done anime spikes on a wig and my second time styling a wig at all. We got lots of compliments on it while we attended Senshi Con in Anchorage, Alaska.

CryptidHarpy as Clear from Dramatical Murder

Cosplayer:CryptidHarpyInstagram:CryptidHarpyTaken at the Tampa Convention Center during Metrocon

Dat-Baka as Zoro from ONE PIECE

Larp harpy

Cosplayer:RachelFacebook:Rachel Sigman SopranoInstagram:MccheekersonI love her! She is a beautiful wig!

Just Believe Cosplay as Victor from Yuri on Ice

Cosplayer:Just Believe CosplayFacebook: Aphrodite in silvery grey is a perfect wig for Victor Nikiforov cosplays. This was the very first time I styled a wig and am very pleased with the results. I altered the position of the part by sewing the wig together a bit on the inside. Then […]

You Watanabe


Breannah as ANNA from Frozen

Cosplayer:BreannahInstagram:princessbbreannahThis Cosplay Outfit is full of heart and a lot of love! I adore Frozen, and since I relate so much to Anna, I decided to make this Cosplay! The blue circle skirt was made completely from scratch. We bought the fabric from “Fabricland”, and a friend of ours sewed […]

Juuzou Suzuya

Cosplayer:Pandorica CosplayInstagram:pandorica_cosplayThis is Aura in Classic White! I cosplayed Juuzou at MechaCon 2018. The photographer is Tekno Omega Photography. The wig was styled by me!!

Sally Face

Cosplayer:Adriel DreamerInstagram:Wicked.CosyeenReally nice wig for Sal Fisher cosplay from the game Sally Face. I love this wig!

Lilligance as Peko Pekoyama

Cosplayer:LilliganceInstagram:@lilligaceDespair Peko Pekoyama by Lilligance. Photo taken during Katsucon 2019 by Cole Beckah Photography. Wig is Hera with short pigtail clip in silvery white.

Chloe Price

Cosplayer:ChaoticEvilCosplayInstagram:ChaoticEvilCosplayCharacter: Chloe Price Series: Life is Strange Cosplayer: ChaoticEvilCosplay

KDA Akali from League of Legends

Cosplayer:Vividly StraightFacebook: I’m Vividly Straight! I’m cosplaying as KDA Akail from League of Legends and it made it debut at Wondercon 2019 and this picture was taken by coldbluesky. I made the whole jacket myself and everything else was altered.

Wildheart Cosplay as Rayla from Dragon Prince

Cosplayer:Wildheart CosplayInstagram:@wildheartcosplayBack in September, a new series came into my life and completely stole my nerdy heart. I binged the entire first season of The Dragon Prince in one night a few days after its release and fell head-over-heels in love with the characters, the world, the design and the […]

Sumyuna as Zelda from TLoZ:Breath of the Wild

Cosplayer:SumyunaFacebook:Https:// Pictures by Nebulaluben I always loved the Zelda series and finally got the chance to cosplay as princess Zelda to attend Salón del Manga de Barcelona 2018. I ended of cosplaying three different Zelda outfits from that game, but her blue regal gown is my favourite. The wig is […]

Brooke Is A Bee as Asuka Langley Shikinami

Cosplayer:Brooke Is A BeeInstagram:@brookeisabeeCasual Asuka from WonderCon2019!

Perfect for a Disney Princess

Cosplayer:DianaInstagram:@imparticipatingThis was the first wig I used for a Halloween costume a few years ago for Briar Rose/Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. It is very thick and full. I recently purchased a wig somewhere else and I realized I have been spoiled by Epic Cosplay because they wig was not […]

JaimeStoneDead as Celestia Ludenberg from Danganronpa

Cosplayer:JaimeStoneDeadInstagram:@jaimestonedeadDrill curls made with Epic Cosplay wefts in Black. Photo taken at Anime Boston

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