Hiyoko Saionji from Super Danganronpa 2

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Squish, squish!

I attended Anime Boston 2019 as Hiyoko Saionji from SDR2: Goodbye Despair! Saionji is my favorite character from the second Danganronpa. After a while of deciding between three different characters I went with Saionji because I, too, am short, round and constantly angry. Also, the theme this year was “Tales of The Shogunate” and I suppose the kimono was kinda fitting?

The wig arrived exactly on time (and a little earlier than expected, honestly). I was amazed by the quality after many-a-time buying wigs from eBay and praying they’re what the image promised. I tried on the wig without a wig cap and minimal styling and it fit like a charm. This all probably sounds like overkill but I’m serious when I say this wig survived three days of pure, 80-degree heck.

I’m still an amateur cosplayer but I’m looking forward to doing much more in the future, and from now on I’m definitely buying my cosplay wigs from here!


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