Ruggles Cosplay as KDA Akali from League of Legends

Ruggles Cosplay
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I made this for Ohayocon 2019! I was really excited to do this costume just based on video and I really loved the UV version of the costume. So I did both in one costume! It has invisible UV paint and body paint on it that you can’t see in the daylight but you can under black light. I also got a chance to work with a 3D printer to make all of my little gold accessories. It was just fun to wear.

This wig was so fun to work with that I even dyed it with UV fabric dye so it glows too! And it stays so soft, I absolutely love it.55EF71D1-7426-4C0F-9488-E345ED1D2087.jpeg8C79C10B-DC82-4028-A993-D006EEE68240.jpeg

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