Melfina as Meruru from Atelier Meruru

Abstract Wolf Art

I debuted this costume at Sakura-Con 2019.

Wig used: Hera in Peach Blonde

This costume had been in progress for at least a year prior to the convention. I’m a fan of the Atelier video game series, and Meruru’s was my favorite in the series that I’ve played so far. Of course, as with many JRPGs, hair color from screenshot to screenshot, to official artwork is inconsistent, ranging from more pink to more blonde, and everything in between.

As far as craftsmanship goes, I used a two tone dupioni silk for the majority of the dress (ordered from Silk Baron). It also took me a while to find a floral print cotton that resembled her cuffs and collar in game (ordered from The cape and fabric part of the crown are cotton velvet, and I airbrushed the gradient on the cape lining, and hand-glued on the rhinestones to mimic how it is seen in game. I also painted the boots by hand with Lumiere paint, which is flexible and sturdy enough to use on leather and faux-leather.


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