@nerdy.berdy as Adora from SHERA and the Princesses of Power

Anna Bones
Photographer Instagram

Wig Used: Nemesis in Natural Blonde for Adora Wig from Shera and the Princesses of Power

Bird (@nerdy.berdy on Instagram) cosplaying Adora’s Princess Prom outfit from SHE-RA and the Princesses of Power. Bird was very happy that despite her Nemesis wig in Natural Blonde not being a ponytail wig, it still went in a ponytail fairly easily and stayed up all night (even after attending a dance and dancing till her heart’s content). This was her first lace front wig, and she was so excited to get it, she struggled with figuring out how to put on and wear a lace front wig, but luckily Epic Cosplays Nemesis wig is very beginner friendly and easy to use! Some of Bird’s favorite thing about her wig is it’s length, it’s thickness, and it’s natural looking hairline.

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