Uta no Prince Sama

Name: LissyFishy Cosplay

EpicCosplay Wigs: Theia in Peach Blonde & Chronos in Cobalt Blue (worn by Kiria Cosplay)

Uta no Prince Sama is one of my guilty pleasures, so being able to do this shoot was a dream come true! For the Nanami wig base, I used an EpicCosplay Theia in Peach Blonde, cut/styled it into Nanami’s haircut, and then dyed in with Rit Dye to give it a pinker hue. I know she has darker hair, but I often sacrifice accuracy for what I think looks nicer.

The Masato wig base was an EpicCosplay Aether in Cobalt Blue, cut and styled into his unfortunate bowl cut. I swear, only Kiria can make that haircut look good.

Photographer: Kiria Cosplay







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