Even though the game isn’t out yet, we’ve already been getting customers asking about specific wigs to use for specific Overwatch heroes! We’ve decided to make a wig suggestion guide covering most of the hereos with hair. We hope this will help the cosplayers out there who plan to cosplay Overwatch characters!

Overwatch images were used from their reference kits.

Charge into the winner’s circle with one of our options for a D.VA cosplay wig! Our Theia and Nyx styles are both great style options. Light Brown may be a bit too light for some cosplayers so also recommend Dark Brown as well. Our Theia style rests at 20″, making it rest slightly past the shoulders, whereas our Nyx is a full 28″ length that reaches around the mid-back. Both have bangs that fall around the middle of the face when straight, which makes it easy to sidesweep or trim.

Our Purple Black Fusion is a perfect shade of deep and rich purple for Widowmaker’s hair, as it’s a mixture of both purple and black fibers. Our Phoebe style is a naturally pulled back ponytail, and our 50″ ponytail extension ties right on.

Both our Hermes and Aether styles are short, layered wigs perfect for a Soldier: 76 cosplay. The only difference between these wigs is that the Aether has longer and more versatile bangs, while the Hermes’ bangs sit higher on the forehead. Both wigs can be trimmed, particularly at the bangs to match Solder: 76’s look.

Our Phoebe style is a naturally pulled back ponytail wig that comes with a tie-on extension that could easily be restyled into Mei’s bun. This wig’s long side bangs can also be trimmed to create her face framing style. What also works well is using an Aether base wig with a color-matching 20″ curly wavy ponytail clipon!

Be the hero the world deserves with one of our two options for creating Tracer’s wig. Our Apollo style is a 13″ wig that comes layered throughout its entirety, making it easy to spike and shape with the help of a bit of hairspray. Our Aphrodite style comes with long bangs and a shorter, layered back that offers a little bit more length to play around with.

Our Phoebe base is exactly as it sounds: It’s our normal ponytail wig without the tie on extension. This leaves it at a medium length that can be adjusted into a high ponytail. Our heat resistant fiber also makes it possible to achieve the volume of Mercy’s bangs with the help of a blow dryer and some hairspray. If this wig is unavaibale, check out our Phoebe wig that comes with a ponytail wrap!

For minimal styling, the Apollo would be the best choice as the style is already layered and choppy (the color of the Apollo pictured here is Cocoa Brown). For something slightly longer but would require some cutting/trimming, the Chronos would be the next style to use.

Our Theia and Aura styles in Black would both work honorably for a Pharah cosplay, the only difference between them being the length. Our Aura style sits at a total of 16″, resting just above the shoulders, whereas our Theia style is a total of 20″. Both wigs are wefted thickly, making it perfect to braid and bead without worry.

Go wild with our Phoebe style in Classic White, a naturally pulled back ponytail that can easily be adjusted and tied higher into Roadhog’s style. Simply comb the side bangs back into the main ponytail, adjust, and you’re all set.

Achieve perfect order with our Eros style in Black, a 28″ lacefront alternative wig that has a long skintop across the hairline to create a natural appearance without the hassle of lace and adhesives. Another great style to use and has been used before for Symmetra is the Nyx wig. ^^

Two of our wig styles could be used to create a wig for Junkrat, and both are guarenteed to have an explosive impact. Our Apollo style is a pre-layered wig that is easy to spike with hairspray; the bangs could also easily be slicked back. Our Atlas style has a wide skintop that goes across the hairline, making the slicked back appearance look natural. The Atlas, however, is less layered and would require trimming.

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