Show Us Your Moves Submission: Meagan cosplays as Morrigan

Meagan sent us an EPIC submission of her Morrigan cosplay from Dragon Age: Origins! She utilized our Theia wig in black to complete her look! Read on to see pictures and her awesome story!


Character: Morrigan from Dragon Age: Origins
Wig Used: Theia 20″ Black Straight Long Wig (I think – I bought it at
a Convention a few years ago)

About the Cosplay:
-Basic About:
This is actually my first REAL cosplay.  The skirt is a converted granny pencil skirt I found at Goodwill (for, like $4.00), and the top was a self made pattern with a whole lot of trial and error.  My husband actually started to tease me because I was so hung up on getting fabric that was both the right color AND texture.  Many of the beads on the top were handmade and hand painted.  A lovely friend made the base for my shoulder piece using paper mache and I finished it with paper clay, some paint and feathers. My staff was found one day when I was visiting my sister, in her back yard.  My brother-in-law got me a hand-saw and I cut it to the length I wanted.  I then sanded some spots on it, for effect as well as to get rid of some of the lichen living on it.  Then I wrapped the upper part with leather string and added in some black feathers to help tie it back to my costume. This costume actually won Warden’s Choice in the Bioware 2011 Youtube Costume Contest.

-How Long/What Got You Into Cosplay:
I got into cosplay a little over 2 years ago when some friends asked my Husband and I to tag along to Anime Central with them, this is actually the costume I put together to go.  I’m rather shy, but love having my picture taken, so cosplay works out pretty well for me!

-Why This Character:
At the time our friends asked us to go to Anime Central, I was playing Dragon Age: Origins.  While Morrigan wasn’t necessarily my favorite character, I was intrigued by her and found her character design to be quite lovely.  Also, having not done any serious cosplay before, I
wanted something that seemed a little simpler (spoilers, it actually wasn’t).  It was fun to cosplay because, even though her personality is essentially the opposite of mine, once in costume it was no problem to maintain character.

-Most Difficult Aspect:
By far, the top was the most difficult.  It took me a few days and several pattern drafts until I could get it to sit right.  This was especially important, since I was doing the in-game Morrigan instead of the concept art one and wasn’t going to have a bikini top underneath.  The strings had to be replaced a few times, and there are a few hidden support strings to help hold everything where it needs to be.  All of this was 100% trial and error.

-Future Planned Cosplays:
Merrill from Dragon Age 2; Tali’Zorah from the Mass Effect Series; Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time; Lilith, Maya or Gaige from the Borderlands Series (maybe all three); Trance Kuja from Final Fantasy IX

-What I Love About This Wig:
This wig is so easy to style!  The first few times I had some trouble, due to this being the first wig I’d used and the texture, but now it’s simple.  I even keep this wig stored in it’s bag and style it into the bun when I’m wearing it.  Super simple, and super easy.  I  completely love this wig

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