Hiruma Yoichi (Genderbent) from the Eyeshield 21

Name: Shtick Cosplay

Epic Cosplay Wig: Apollo in Butterscotch Blonde with two Clip-in Extensions in Butterscotch Blonde for the Hairline/Sideburns (clip in extensions have been discontinued)

Styling & Additional Information: This was my first Wig styling adventure, and it was so much fun! To get my wig to look the way it does, I used a nice Sharp Pair of Scissors, a Comb, Got2B Glued “Blasting Freeze Spray,” Got2B Glued “Styling (Water-Resistant) Spiking Glue,” Fabric Glue, a Styrofoam Wig Head, White Cotton Fabric, and a very basic Hair Dryer. There were a lot of paper towels, and laughing involved too, and of course my wonderful Epic Cosplay products!

Using my reference picture of Hiruma (which I put in a picture frame, so that it wouldn’t get blown away), I spiked my Butterscotch Blonde Apollo Wig, cutting wig fibers parallel to the fibers as needed, so that I had varying shapes, sizes, and angles of spikes. After that was all finished, I cut up two Butterscotch Blonde Clip-on Extensions, and used them with the cotton fabric to create a hairline and sideburns. (You can find a tutorial for this on Youtube, if you search “Wig Hairline Tutorial.”) After the fabric glue that I used to secure the hairline and sideburns dried, I styled them as needed, and regularly tried the wig on to make sure everything lined up nicely.
Oh, and a little tip: Once the wig is styled to perfection, and you are all dressed up, you can use a little Spirit Gum on the cotton fabric on the underside of the sideburns to ensure that they stay close to your face. However, I don’t recommend this if you have an costume to wear the following day, in case it causes unsightly skin irritation.

hiruma-yoichi-eyeshield21-1 hiruma-yoichi-eyeshield21-2

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