The Mad Hatter and The Queen of Hearts from Code Geass Nunnally in Wonderland

Name: Tentacle Grape Cosplay (King Happo & Ciarathallya)
Epic Cosplay Wigs: Hera in Black (Queen of Hearts) & Aether in Black (Mad Hatter)

The extensions were glued onto heavy black interfacing with wire sandwiched in the between to provide a stable base and to hold it’s shape. We also used Got2B freeze spray on the wefts. After it was hand sewn to the wig we spray it with Motions oil sheen and brushed any fly away hairs, This basics of this technique was borrowed from Sparkle Pipsi’s drill curl tutorial. The Hera wig was liberally sprayed with Motions oil sheen then curled with a curling iron. We  used a littled bit of Got2B gel to on the bangs of both wigs to keep them in place.

Nunnally-In-Wonderland-1 Nunnally-In-Wonderland-2 Nunnally-In-Wonderland-3 Nunnally-In-Wonderland-4

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