Chat Noir from Miraculous Ladybug

Claws out! Chat Noir is a slick and wild superhero with powers relating to bad luck and destruction. Very fitting for a black cat, no? Miraculous Ladybug has a ton of interesting concepts for heros and villains alike, and their normal counterparts are pretty interesting as well. Bonus? The hair is basically the same so you can typically use one wig for both! So weather you plan on being the hero or the human we have a ton of options for you to suit up with.

If you’d like to cosplay this superstitious feline hero like Bella Amore did, or even his secret identity, model and student Adrien Agreste, then the Apollo in Rich Butterscotch blonde is a purr-fect fit. Any of our other blondes could work as well if you would like to find something that compliments your skintone well so feel free to look at our Natural, Platinum, Caramel and plain Butterscoth Blonde colors alongside the Rich Butterscotch Blonde. Style wise we highly recommend the Apollo style for it’s ease of styling and care. Just add in some clip on cat ears and you’ll be ready to pounce the bad guys!

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Name: Bella Amore Cosplay (Chat Noir), Ladybug Unknown (not tagged when submitted)

Photos by:  Unknown (photographer not mentioned when submitted)

Concept Design by: Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir

Costume: Chat Noir, Ladybug

EpicCosplay WigApollo in Rich Butterscotch Blonde (Chat Noir), Ladybug unknown

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