Renaissance Pirate Wench – Original Character

Keep your coin purses close scallywag, or this pirate wench might just rob you blind! Black Lynx looks amazing in her white, red and black ensemble, and has a sweet sword for fighting the Queen’s Navy at sea.

This look is perfect for a Renaissance Faire or Pirate Festival, or even just a fun gathering at the beach or pirate themed part with friends. Black Lynx is sporting our Hera in Black that she straightened out to be less curly, giving the wig more subtle, soft waves. Kind of like the dark choppy waters of the ocean at night! Add that cat eye eyeliner that’s as sharp as her sword and she’s a real scourge of the seas and all the ports her ship passes through. Think you can rival her or join her crew?

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Name:  Black Lynx Cosplay

Photos by:  Bella Amore Cosplay

Concept Design by: Black Lynx Cosplay

Costume: Renaissance Pirate Wench

EpicCosplay WigHera in Black

Renaissance Pirate Wench

Renaissance Pirate Wench

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