Steampunk Sailor Mercury from Sailor Moon

Protected by Mercury, the planet of water, Guardian of Wisdom, Sailor Mercury! With a twist!? Cassierole makes a stunning Sailor Mercury in her alternate steampunk cosplay, created by her friend Red Fae Cosplay. Sailor Moon is such a classic series that has been re-imagined in so many ways by the fans who love it and love cosplaying it. From plain old punks to steampunks – the Sailor Moon community has done it all!

Our Chronos wig is already pretty much perfect for this smart sailor scout. All Cassierole said she did was trim the bangs a little and the Chronos in Blue Black Fusion was ready for her steampunk version of Sailor Mercury. While any of our darker blue would be a great fit the Blue Black Fusion works especially well for this variation of the design, adding a touch more realism with the black fibers mixed in. Just trim and fluff the bangs and the Chronos is ready to go, easy to style and will have you on your way to be the strategist the other Sailor Scouts need in battle.

Love Sailor Moon? So do we! And so do our customers. Check out more cosplays from the series here!

Name: Cassierole

Photo by: Project Bokeh Photography

Costume by: RedFaeCosplay

Costume: Steampunk Sailor Mercury

EpicCosplay WigChronos in Blue Black Fusion

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