Valentine’s Day Couples Contest Entry: Madi & Xopher as Charizard & Wobbuffet

Today we have another entry for our Valentine’s Day Couples Contest!  We have Madi and Xopher, respectively as Charizard and Wobbuffet from the Pokemon series!  Maid used our Hestia Wig in Autumn Orange for her Charizard cosplay!  If you are interested in cosplaying as Wobbuffet we would recommend that you look at the wigs we offer in light blue as a possible color for your hair! You can check out all the wigs we offer in that color here. We have included a picture of our Aphrodite Wig in Light Blue just to give you an idea of the color! Read on to see more about these two and their cosplays!


Hestia Autumn Orange Wavy Curly
Aphrodite Wig in Light Blue

– What inspired you to do these cosplays?

Xopher and I have always loved pokemon, and these costumes aren’t our first. Charizard has been my favorite pokemon since I was a kid so when we were talking about making new pokemon costumes, that’s who I went with. Xopher chose Wobbuffet because he liked the pokemon from the tv show and wanted a new pokemon costume to go with mine.

– What got you into cosplay

The first time I ever attended an anime convention I was in high school, broke, and had no sewing skills whatsoever. I threw together a sad Selphie from FF8 costume, but even then people still wanted my picture! I thought it was so nice that even though I felt I didn’t make a good costume, there were encouraging people who gave me compliments. When I met Xopher, we decided we’d always cosplay together from the same series because that way we could walk around together and con attendees would still know what we were from. Since I knew how to sew, he sort of got thrown into it 🙂

– Why do you love cosplay?

I love cosplay because it’s something I’ve always done with my friends. We’d always collaborate on which characters we wanted to be and try to coordinate groups. I’ve always loved sewing, my grandmother and mother have always sewn for me, so it was natural for me to want to learn. Xopher got into cosplay when I was able to sew things on my own. We’d talk together about how to create a costume that would suit each other. It was another way for us to spend time together as a couple.

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