Show Us Your Moves: Kale Cosplays Nami from One Piece!

Name: Kale Suilon
Style and Color: Nyx in Autumn Orange
Character: Nami from One Piece
“I cut the bangs as per the character and styled them using Got2B Hair Glue. To get the waves, I split the wig into 3 equal parts and braided it. I put the braids into [nearly] boiling water for a few seconds then put it on a wig-head to dry. After about an hour of air-drying, I blow dried the braids for a few minutes. Next, I took the braids out and shook out the new waves. I waited for the wig to fully dry at this point, and then straightened on a very low setting to get the waves to “merge” and flatten the slightest bit. Lastly, I just put some freeze spray into it to get it to hold and the styling was done!
I fell in love with Epic wigs about 8 months ago and have since bought 5 of your wigs and plan to buy them for as many future cosplays as I can! ”


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