Show Us Your Moves: Oxford Cosplays Mad Moxxi from Borderlands!

Name: Oxford Comma Cosplay aka V from Verssen Werks
Style and Color: Dionysus in Dark Brown
Character: Mad Moxxi from Borderlands

“This wig was really easy to style into Moxxi. Though it started out too long, my friend and I trimmed it up/thinned it with a razor blade, creating the look of layers while also adjusting the length, Once that was done, we hair-sprayed it and used a barrel brush and a hair dryer to get the flipped curls. In addition we spiked out some little pieces to achieve the stringy look Moxxi’s hair has. Finally, we re-parted and bobby pinned the bangs. To touch up the style between wearings, I place it on a wig head and use curlers to reset the curls. It is a wonderful and cooperative wig. :)”

Photography: The Enthusiasts

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