Show Us Your Moves: Kali cosplays as Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon!

Moon Prism Power Makeup! Kali chose to enter her Princess Serenity cosplay from the ever popular Sailor Moon series! For her cosplay she used our Sailor Moon character specific wig! Check out her entry below!

Well I am seriously bad at coming up with questions to ask myself so I just used the example questions.


– What got you into cosplay? Well I loved going to conventions and /seeing/ the cosplays so one day I just decided I wanted to cosplay too.

– How long have you been cosplaying? XD;;; 6 years I think?

– Were there any particular reasons you selected this character?  Growing up it was my childhood dream to become sailor moon. And I was invited to a cosplay formal event so I decided to be Princess Serenity.

– What would you consider the most difficult part of this costume? Well my childhood best friend made it for me but from watching I think the most difficult part were the roses on the shoulders. They didn’t want to stay on :\

– What cosplay would you like to do in the future? Pfft I have this /huge/ list. But for the near future I’d like to be Sailor Moon in her Sailor Scout uniform. My friends and I are going to do a group cosplay of them.

– What’s your favorite part about cosplaying? I really like getting to be someone else for a day.

 -What do you like about our wig?  It’s /SOOOOO/ soft. And it was styled perfectly!

What wig was used? The Sailor Moon wig ^^

Also, I was very very very very VERY cold so it was kinda hard to smile correctly XD I kept shivering. It was like 30 something degrees out D: But this was for a cosplay formal spring dance and it was extremely fun. We had a bit of drama with the shipping but the EpicCosplay Customer Service handled it amazingly well and you guys seriously made my dreams come true with this wig. Thank you all very very much.

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