Michiru Kaioh and Haruka Tenoh (Sailor Moon)

Name: Lisa (em764) as Michiru Kaioh and Kerstin (Yuu) as Haruka Tenoh

Epic Cosplay Wig: Hestia in Emerald Green for my Michiru cosplay. My Haruka didn’t wear an epiccosplay wig.

I chose Hestia in Emerald Green after seeing pictures of another cosplay wearing this wig – and I simply fell in love with the colour! Usually, most Michiru/Sailor Neptune cosplayers wear wigs that are either far too green or far too teal, but Emerald Green is the right tealish-green colour I was looking for. The wig itself was very easy to style and all I did was lightly brush out the curls and add a little bit of backcombing to the fringe. The wig comes in beautiful ringlets which you can either leave as they are or brush them out to achieve a more wavy look. I was surprised by how soft the fibers of this wig are, I used to order my wigs off ebay and this one as my first epiccosplay wig, and I don’t think I will go back to no-name ebay stores.

Photographer: Carina H.

michiru-kaioh-cosplay-wig-1 michiru-kaioh-cosplay-wig-2 michiru-kaioh-cosplay-wig-3

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