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Takumi from Fire Emblem


EpicCosplay WigNyx in Hazy Grey for Fire Emblem Takumi Cosplay


Check out this fantastic Takumi cosplay! This character first appeared in Fire Emblem Fates, but also appears in Fire Emblem Warriors and the mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes. Featured cosplayer Katie.Chi provides a great description of the wig creation process below, along with plenty of helpful photos.

I cosplayed Takumi from Fire Emblem Fates at Animefest 2018, based on art the character designer drew of him. Finding the perfect wig color was a challenge, but Hazy Grey is absolutely PERFECT for his grayish-brown hair color. His wig took me a while, since I used two Nyx wigs- one for the base, and the second for wefts to cover bald spots when making his little pineapple poof and then creating my own ponytail clip. Since I’m fairly amateur at wig style, I think his wig turned out looking really great! What made the process so much easier is the fact that the wig barely tangled at all; it was a blessing for how many times I had to redo his pineapple ponytail to make it the right height or add in the wefts. It also made sewing the ponytail clip a lot easier too! The wig held up the entire con, and I had no tangling issues or problems at all. I’d definitely recommend this color for Takumi as well as the style, if you’re willing to put in a good few hours ( I took about a total of twelve hours on his wig total, most of it was sewing the wefts for the ponytail ). All in all, I was really happy with it!Fire Emblem Takumi CosplayFire Emblem Takumi CosplayFire Emblem Takumi CosplayFire Emblem Takumi CosplayFire Emblem Takumi Cosplay

Behind the Style: Takumi Cosplay Wig

As mentioned in the blurb provided by the cosplayer above, this fantastic look uses the Nyx wig from Epic Cosplay as a base. Nyx measures at 28 inches in length – great for a character with long hair, like this Takumi cosplay. A second Nyx wig was deconstructed and sewn into the base wig for a nice full ponytail look.

This amazing Takumi cosplay used a relatively uncommon color called Hazy Grey. For other characters, Epic Cosplay offers individual wefts and clip-in extensions in a variety of hues – feel encouraged to contact the Epic Cosplay team to see if extensions are available in the color you need for your character.

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