Fefetasprite from Homestuck

New Face of EpicCosplay Submission!

Nickname: Lala

Epic Cosplay Wig: Classic Purple Wig Bun Set

Character: Fefetasprite from Homestuck (Dynastystuck design by berrycoat.tumblr.com)

I was looking for a very specific shade of purple when buying this wig, and as always Epic Cosplay didn’t let me down! It was also really helpful that they sold a set with two buns + a base wig; it was exactly what I was looking for without buying the pieces separately and risking them to be a different shade. The wig also fits comfortably on my head; considering I have thick hair and I was wearing quite a lot of accessories on my head! I’m really happy with this wig and I love how thick and full both the base wig and the buns are!

Photographer: SKYLine Photography




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