Cubone Gijinka

Here comes Naychan in her Cubone Gijinka! This Diana styled wig is causing this normally timid Pokémon to express herself! Naychan’s Cubone Gijinka is looking adventurous with our easy to wear medium length , dark brown wig. Our Diana wig’s voluptuous volume and bounce add to Naychans  already amazing Cubone Gijinka, this wig is anything but boneless!

Naychans’ Cubone Gijinka photoshoot was active! Moving around in cosplay makes it essential that a cosplay wig to stays on. Luckily our cosplay wig caps are made with the wefts directly sewn into the mesh and elastic for discrete and secure wear for this Poke’mon. Epic Cosplay Wigs’ Diana comes prestyled out of the bag, giving this Cubone one less bone to pick! Hit the jump below for an array of warm and cool colors in this and many other styles!

Pokemon Gijinka Contest Submission

Name: Naychan

Photo by: U.V. Photography

Concept Design by: Naychan

EpicCosplay WigDiana in Dark Brown

This wig is basically worn right out of the bag, I did no styling to it whatsoever, and it has held its curls well for occasional wear of almost three years now with various different costumes. This is probably my favorite wig I own because it is really cute and low maintenance. 





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