Butterfree Gijinka

Interested in pastel colors? Well then take a look at Glitchy Kitty’s Poké-mazing rendition of the Pokémon Butterfree. This  Butterfree Gijinka is perfectly accentuated by our Hestia styled wig in a Princess Pink color. This Hestia styled wig has pre-styled curls and a life-like bounce right out of the bag, leaving this Insect-type Pokemon with one less thing to bug about.

This photo was taken by Team Lens Flare. Glitch Kitty’s choice in our natural lighted wig meant that no pesky reflective sheen took away from her fantastic Butterfree Gijinka concept. Our pink Hestia works perfectly for Butterfree Gijinka, and we have many other pre-styled wigs to fit any of Butterfrees’ Poke’pals! Make sure to flip through Epic Cosplay Wigs’ Pokedex of wigs by hitting the link below for our other fly selections in our Hestia style!


Pokemon Gijinka Contest Submission

Name: Glitchy Kitty

Photo by: Team Lens Flare

Concept Design by: Glitchy Kitty

EpicCosplay WigHestia in Princess Pink Mix (Original wig  colorwas our Hestia in Princess Pink, however that has been swapped out for our new Princess Pink Mix!)

The thing I love about the Hestia style is that it’s beautiful without much styling! The bangs are perfectly swooped down and the curls are perfectly full and bouncy so I didn’t feel the need to do really anything to it at all! 


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