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Caroline Renee

EpicCosplay Wig: Eros in Autumn Gold for Zelda cosplay wig


With a touch of skilled styling, the Eros wig from Epic Cosplay becomes an impressively accurate Zelda cosplay wig. Featured cosplayer Caroline Renee shares a few details about this photo shoot below, including credits and supplies along with plans for upgrades.

Zelda- Breath of the Wild

Shirt commissioned by Instagram user- handmadedokidokis

Cosplay is currently under construction and will be done January 2019 ( remaking belt, boots and pouch)

Wig + accessories used-

Eros- Autumn Gold

Autumn Gold Extensions- 15 “

Behind the Style: Zelda Cosplay Wig

As mentioned above, this style began with the Eros wig as a base. Eros is a long straight wig that measures to 26” all around. This versatile length allows plenty of flexibility for customized styles. Eros does not come with pre-cut bangs – another strong point essential for many characters. A basic trim created the distinctive side fringes.

Eros can accommodate a variety of part directions thanks to the large skintop along the front. Compared to lace front options, this alternative is extremely economical and has the durability to withstand repeat styling. The skintop also maintains a nice natural hairline, essential for center-part styles like this Zelda cosplay wig. Caroline Renee added small blue clips on either side to complete the look.

This picture-perfect wig also makes use of the matching extensions available from Epic Cosplay. The ones used for this Zelda cosplay wig measure at 15” long, but Epic Cosplay offers weft extensions in a range of size increments up to an impressive 45” in length and clip-in extensions up to 20”. Extensions can make added details like braid crowns so much more manageable.

Autumn Gold is a great color for this character. Of course, Epic Cosplay offers a range of other blonde shades as well. For example, somebody who prefers realistic colors over game-accurate colors might prefer the lighter Natural Blonde to create their ideal Zelda cosplay wig.

Zelda cosplay wig

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