Valentine’s Day Couples Contest Entry: Rodolfo Chiari & Laura González-Ruiz as Hanamichi Sakuragi & Zatanna Zatara (Slam Dunk & DC Comics)

Here’s one of the entries for our Valentine’s Day Couples Contest!  Rodolfo Chiari and Laura González-Ruiz are cosplaying as Hanamichi Sakuragi and Zatanna Zatara from Slam Dunk and DC Comics.  Although neither cosplayer used a wig from EpicCosplay, we have some recommendations that would work well for each of those characters. For a Hanamichi cosplay we recommend using our Apollo Wig in Apple Red Mix. For Zatanna, we recommend using our Hestia Wig in Black! Read on to learn more about these cosplayers!


-What inspired you to do these cosplays?
Love for the characters, and we like basketball and magic respectively!

-What got you into cosplay?
The art of transformation and prop-making

-Why do you love cosplay?
Because it gives us the ability to transform into our favorite characters

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