Show Us Your Moves: Sieby Cosplays Asuna Kagurazaka from Mahou Sensei Negima!

Name: Sieby

Facebook: AmongBobbinsAndThread


Character: Asuna Kagurazaka from the Mahou Sensei Negima Manga

Style and Colour: Athena in Autumn Orange and extra wefts taken from Dionysus in Autumn Orange (discontinued)

“This pigtail wig is a combination of two epic cosplay wigs “franken-wigged” together to create the awesome end result. The second wig was used for extra wefts to create a clean back part that shows no netting, as well as filling any gaps in the sides and bottom that are created by pulling the hair into two high pigtails. All wefts were hand sewn into the wig. The wig supports the two gold bells on each pigtail without slipping too much throughout the day. I cut the bangs in to finish the look. (Sadly I had to keep the wig braided for much of the convention weekend as the winds were extremely strong, and not kind to wigs in general.)

The Athena wig gave a nice length for this cosplay, although technically speaking the character’s hair is longer. I really love the Autumn orange color (especially for this character), it is nice to find an orange wig that doesn’t look radioactive/made of highlighters. Hahaha

I have been using EpicCosplay wigs for a few years now and have always been extremely pleased with the color and quality! Also I appreciate that EpicCosplay doesn’t charge an arm and a leg to ship to Canada. I look forward to buying more great wigs in the future! ;D”

 Photographer: Mike Kowalek from

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