Show Us Your Moves: Kimihako Blade Cosplays Saeko from Highschool of the Dead!

Name: Kimihako Blade

Facebook: KimihakoBlade

Style and Color: Persephone in Royal Purple

Character: Saeko Busujima from Highschool of the Dead

“Aside from a simple trim for a portion of the wig, the Persephone worked perfectly for my Saeko Busujima’s latest update. I had previously purchased two other long wigs from different sellers, but they were the wrong color. In hindsight, I wish I just had went straight to EpicCosplay and saved myself the money because their wig quality is magnificent. The wig, despite its length, has minimal tangling, and the fibers are much fuller than my other purchases. Also, the color shows up vibrantly in my photos yet maintains a realistic, matte look.”

Photographer: Matt Motes

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