Sailor Neptune

Name: Katelyn Redinger, or “Kat the Red”
Epic Cosplay Wig: Hestia in Emerald Green
Character: Sailor Neptune – Sailor Moon

I comb out any tangles I have the night before I wear this wig. I use a low-heat curling set on the biggest curls in the wig to reform their shapes and lay the wig on its side to keep them from dropping while they set. People love this wig! Everyone asks me where I got it and if I had to style it myself. My usual response is: “Nope, EpicCosplay just does a really good job.”

Photographer:  Mark Hayes

Sailor-Neptune-Moon-Cosplay-Wig-1 Sailor-Neptune-Moon-Cosplay-Wig-2 Sailor-Neptune-Moon-Cosplay-Wig-3

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