Sailor Cosmos from Sailor Moon

Caroline Renee

EpicCosplay Wig: Gaia wig in Classic White for Sailor Cosmos cosplay


The versatile Gaia wig transformed into a stunning Sailor Cosmos cosplay wig with a little creative styling by the talented Caroline Renee. Sailor Moon fans know this character as one of the most mysterious – appearing only the final arc of the manga, raising more questions than she answers. Learn a little more about the construction process behind this look in the quick blurb provided by the cosplayer below:

Sailor Cosmos cosplay worn at AX 2018 with Sailor Moon group. Bangs were curled using a straightener (check heat setting) and foam curlers. Leave them in until the bangs have curled but the longer the better.  Leotard was purchased from Discount Dance. Collar and skirt are made from white bridal satin from JoAnn. Chest piece (star with wings) made from craft foam, worbla, and small plastic ornament.  Prop is large Christmas ornament from with clean PVC pipe. other pieces are PVC pipe and wood sanded.  (You can find the full photos on my instagram)

Wig + accessories used:

Gaia- Classic White

white extensions 15″- wrapped around heart shaped foam for “heart” buns

white ponytail extensions (Clips can be used too)

More About this Sailor Cosmos Cosplay Wig

Featured cosplayer Caroline Renee used the Gaia pigtail wig from Epic Cosplay as the base for this design. Of course, it took a few skilled modifications to achieve the impressive level of accuracy found here. In this section, learn about the features that made the Gaia wig such a great choice for this Sailor Cosmos cosplay.

First, the Gaia wig is heat resistant up to 410 degrees. This made it possible to curl the bangs for this Sailor Cosmos cosplay with a straightener – but other heat styling tools work great too. In fact, the Epic Cosplay website has several useful curling tutorials. Read through the heat tools tutorial or the hot water curling guide, just to name a few.

Styling a wig to create pigtails often requires a lot of work. The unique construction of the Gaia wig makes this a little easier because it comes styled with pigtails already in place. However, Gaia is a shorter wig. Caroline Renee used extensions to create the pigtails and heart-shaped odango for this Sailor Cosmos cosplay.

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