Queen Anora Mac Tir (Codex Entry version) from Dragon Age: Inquisition

Name: The Howling Shoopuf

EpicCosplay wig: Hera in Peach Blonde

Alright! This cosplay was last minute for Hal-con 2015. I had this wig lying around and decided with some stylin’ it would work well!
What I used for the styling was KMS Gel, L’Oréal Hairspray, Hand Lotion, a paddle brush, Clear Hair elastics, Bobby pins and a Styrofoam half ball. A tripod, Mannequin head and pins also came in handy while I was styling her.

I used Hand lotion to get out the knots and tame the flyaway, then I parted the wig in the center, gelled it down and pinned it back with bobby pins.

I put the Styrofoam Half ball in the lower part of the back center of the wig and covered it with hair. Once all of the hair seemed covered I tied it off at the bottom with a clear elastic and gave it a quick spray with Hairspray.

I began braiding it into a thick braid and then wrapped the braid around the bun securing it with bobby pins then sprayed it again and hid the end under the braid under the Styrofoam ball. I had to move some hairs around the ball to keep it 100% covered.

I gave it a lot of hair spray and VOILA. It held up very well all day and even in my backpack. The only downside was it was heavy and after several hours I needed to take it off.

Photographer: HM Cosplay Photography

Queen-Anora-Mac-Tir-Dragon-Age-Inquisition-cosplay-1 Queen-Anora-Mac-Tir-Dragon-Age-Inquisition-cosplay-2 Queen-Anora-Mac-Tir-Dragon-Age-Inquisition-cosplay-3

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