Manic Misha Cosplay as Soldier 76 from Overwatch

Manic Misha Cosplay

EpicCosplay Wig: Hermes in Silvery Grey  for  Soldier 76 cosplay from Overwatch

Soldier 76 mains are sure to appreciate the detail and accuracy of this fantastic cosplay! Manic Misha Cosplay has provided a fantastic photo for Overwatch fans to enjoy, along with a nice description of the wig styling process in the short blurb below. Then, keep reading to learn about the base wig itself – available right here from EpicCosplay.

Soldier 76 from Overwatch. I used the Hermes wig in Silvery Grey. I shortened the front fibers to replicate his shorter hair style. Shake n go benefits! It gives the perfect “duck butt” hair style front.

Behind the Style: Soldier 76 Cosplay Wig

With a short and simple hairstyle, obtaining the perfect Soldier 76 wig means that attention to detail becomes even more important. Manic Misha Cosplay chose the Hermes wig from EpicCosplay as a starting point. And the result is fantastic!

Hermes is a short wig that measures 12 inches at the longest points with bangs cut to 3 inches. Ample layers give this wig a natural look and allow for a wide variety of styling possibilities. As mentioned above, Manic Misha Cosplay did shorten the front fibers to increase the accuracy of this Soldier 76 cosplay wig overall.

The color, Silvery Grey, is one option that certainly works great for this character. For those who are going for a different take on a Soldier 76 cosplay, Hermes is available in several other neutral shades as well. Classic White will work for those who want a brighter look, while Gunmetal Grey is an option for darker palettes.

EpicCosplay wigs are heat-resistant as well, making it possible to use styling tools or apply heat to set holding products. While this Soldier 76 cosplay did not require such extensive customization, it’s certainly nice to know the option is available for other character choices.

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