Happy Forest Lolita photoshoot features our Au Naturale wig!

Some of my friends over at the lolita fashion store Fairytale Boutique sent me news of our Elizabeth in Honey Gold making a lovely debut in Happy Forest’s newest promotional photos! How cool!

Gateau Miette modeled for a new lolita line ‘Happy Forest’ last month. We’re so pleased and honored to see her wearing one of our Au Naturale line!  From the photos, you’d think it was her real hair!
The photos were shot by Nelson Castro of LAPhotonet. The floating shots he creates are so cool!
Our Au Naturale line is blended to look like real hair and many of the styles are conducive for lolita fashions. As fan of lolita clothing myself, our natural wigs have always been a favorite of mine! Seeing Gateau Miette in our Elizabeth makes me want one too!

You can buy our Honey Gold Elizabeth here: https://blog.epiccosplay.com/elizabeth-wavy-curly-long-honey-gold-natural-wigs.html

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