Halloween Contest Entry: Stephanie as Terra

Stephanie entered our Halloween Contest in her Terra costume from Final Fantasy VI! In the picture she did not use our wig but she did purchase one of ours for to wear this cosplay with in the future! She bought our Hestia wig in jade green to complete her look in the future. Check out pictures and her story below!
Name: Stephanie
Cosplay Handle (if applicable): Relterra
Location: United States
Cosplay or Costume Name: Terra/Tina Branford
Series Name: Final Fantasy VI
Style Name or link to wig (if the wig is an EpicCosplay wig): Not the wig in the picture but shortly after I had this photoshoot I bought a new wig for Terra from Epic Cosplay. Which was a fantastic match to the in game color! I just have yet to have a photoshoot with it yet. Here is the link to the wig however: https://blog.epiccosplay.com/22-jade-green-curly-wavy-cosplay-wig.html
Description of why you chose to cosplay that character, and how you went about buying or creating the costume.:
I chose to cosplay as Terra because of how much I loved her character and how she grows in the game. She is a little like me in certain aspects. True to the online description she is easily confused and frightened early in the game. However, as Terra learns more about herself, she becomes more assertive and determined. Terra is brave and willing to fight for what she knows is right, wanting to help make the world a better place.
The costume was mostly hand sewn by me and all the flowers on her dress, sleeves and boots were hand painted by me as well.. This was before I had my own sewing machine and I learned A LOT from this costume. I would love to remake it now that I have better knowledge or sewing and crafting.
Photo taken by the wonderful Gamefan23
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