Fiona from Tales From the Borderlands

Name: Mangoloo

Epic Cosplay wig: Aphrodite in Light Brown & Autumn Gold Clip On Extension (clip on extensions have been discontinued)

First of all I love Epic Cosplay Wigs because of their thickness… which gives me plenty of hair to style! Therefore I bought the Aphrodite light brown wig. When I first got it I carefully removed a few wefts before giving it a good trim so that I could wear a hat on top of the wig, which was fairly easy to do. Next came the part I wasn’t so sure about – dyeing the wig. I had never dyed anything other than fabric before so I did extensive research into wig dyeing before jumping into the process. One tutorial I came across was actually by Epic Cosplays on sharpie dyeing. To be honest the first thought I had was that you had to physically draw on the wig with the sharpie. Thankfully I read the article and watched the tutorial video and realized that you actually had to make a dye using rubbing alcohol and sharpies. I used this method to make my orange extensions have a more redder tone and my light brown wig to be a darker shade. The sharpie dye worked perfectly! Lastly I clipped in the extension and used Got2B Freeze spray the wig fibers in place. In the end the wig came out perfectly! I am so glad that I ended up buying it in the first place!

Picture 1 = imstee
Picture 2 = GettyImages AFP
Picture 3 = Leroy Leake
Picture 4 = Reid Cosplay Photography




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