Astrid Hofferson – How To Train Your Dragon 2

Name: Ame

EpicCosplay wig: Persephone in Honey Blonde (Honey Blonde has since been discontinued, but try out our Persephone in Butterscotch Blonde or Persephone in Blonde Mix!)

For such a simple looking wig I did a lot of styling and restyling of this. First I trimmed it to the proper length, then I combed some baby powder through it to make it a bit more matte, and then I got to work braiding and rebraiding (it took about ten tried to get it where I liked it). it has a small french braid going around the back to keep it lying flat, the top mini braid has line of rough twine sewn and braiding into it, and then the whole braid is knotted together a few times mid strang to give it the messy contained look accurate to the movie.

Photography: Felix Wong Photography


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