Anne Wheeler- Greatest Showman

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EpicCosplay WigHestia in Princess Pink Mix for Greatest Showman Cosplay


Wheeler from Greatest Showman.She was featured at Dragoncon for the Greatest showman panel where her wig stood out. i always said i can make this outfit as beautiful as i want, but if the wig isnt perfect… its ruined. I used Hestia Princess Pink mix. It was so perfect and very comfortable. My best friend styled it for me within hours of me needing it, bless her! I do commissions for her leotard and my friend does commissions for styling the wig, if you visit my site i can direct you to her!


my costume was hand made by myself and is Anne


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  1. I absolutely love your costume! I love the authenticity and how closely alike it is which makes me even more impressed that you did it yourself! Is there anyway you could make one for a Halloween costume that isn’t too pricy??

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