Anne Bramble as Princess Luna from My Little Pony

Bramble Bunny / Anne Bramble

Anne Brambles’ Princess Luna cosplay has us over the moon with it’s accuracy and detail! Anne topped off this My Little Pony cosplay with our Dark Blue Hera wig. This Epic Cosplay wig comes out of the bag already tamed and ready to wear with minimal fuss! This Hera styles long dark blue locks come curled at the ends for the perfect mix of elegance and style.

This dark blue Hera wig is the perfect crown for Annes’ Princess Luna cosplay, and can work for many other cosplays as well! Epic Cosplay Wigs products can withstand restyling using flat irons and blow dryers, making changing your mane, easy as pinkie pie! Our dark blue Hera styled wig stays silky and styled throughout any convention environment. Rule the Equestrian skies as Princess Luna with our Hera style in Dark Blue right out of the box! This Epic Cosplay Wig also comes in an array of different colors for all ponies. Hoof it on over to the link below for your very own Hera wig!

Name: Anne Bramble

Photos by:  Unknown (photographer not mentioned when submitted)

Concept Design by: My Little Pony

Costume: Princess Luna

EpicCosplay WigHera Dark Blue

“This is my Princess Luna Cosplay , Thanks Epic Cosplay, your wigs are so easy to work with.  I have tried many brands and these work so well and are much easier to take care of.  Love them to pieces!   Thanks so much”


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