Add a Lace Front to your Wig

We offer several style of lace front alternative wigs that are easy to wear and style! You can add on a lace front to these wigs and others at home. With a little patience and practice, you can adapt a wig’s hairline. Create widow’s peaks, side burns, and any number of other styles using this technique!

lace front

This tutorial used our Eros in Natural Blonde. To create a lace hairline:

1) Start with a roll of tulle. Tea dye the tulle to a skin tone color that matches your own.

2) You need a ventilator needle and several different sized hooks. The hooks are numbered. The number corresponds with the amount of hair the hook can catch and pull through your netting. Use a larger numbered hook for the section of the lace closest to the hairline, and a smaller number as you work away. This will create a more natural transition in hair.

3) Flip your wig inside out on your wig block or foam head.

4) With a thread and needle, attach the tulle to the hairline of the wig where you wish to add wig fibers.

5) Flip the wig back to right side out on the wig block.

6) Take long bundle of wig fiber and fold it in half. You will hook hair from the loop this creates. Hair was harvested from a longer wig for this guide.

6) Use your ventilator tool to create lark’s head knots as shown in the photos. You will want to place your knots close to the hairline and progressively working away. As you work, your knots should become more sporadic and use less wig fibers. This will create the impression of a more realistic hairline. Continue to place knots until you have the desired amount of hair added to the hairline. This process will take practice and time.

7) Once you are done, carefully trim down the excess lace, leaving a small border along your last row of knots.

8) Tack down the lace section with toupee tape and use makeup to blend the lace in if needed when wearing the wig.

You can create a number of different hairlines this way, including widow’s peaks, side burns, back lace for updo hairstyles, or even just a more natural hairline to your own. Set aside several days to work on this project, take your time, and practice making knots. With time and effort, you can create very unique looks!

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