End of April Restock

We recently had a pretty big restock this week and MORE wigs will arrive during late April/early May! Below is a list of items that are expected to be restocked around that time frame, if not a few selection may be delayed. Pre-orders are not listed here.


  • Anime Blue (09AB)
  • Ash Blonde (09ASH)
  • Cocoa Brown (09CCB)
  • Dark Blue (09DBL)
  • Blue Black Fusion (09FB)
  • Fusion Vanilla Pink (09FVP)
  • Fusion Vanilla Purple (09FVU)
  • Hot Pink (09HP)


  • Autumn Gold (10AG)
  • Copper Red (10CR)
  • Gunmetal Grey (10GG)
  • Apple Red (10R1)
  • Walnut Brown (10WB)


  • Anime Blue (11AB)
  • Ash Blonde (11ASH)
  • Cocoa Brown (11CCB)
  • Cobalt Blue (11COB)
  • Dark Blue (11DBL)
  • Dark Plum Purple (11DM)
  • Ice Purple (11IP)
  • Peach Blonde (11PEB)
  • Purple Black Fusion (11SHU)
  • Walnut Brown (11WB)


  • Copper Red (12CR)
  • Ecto Green (12ECT)
  • Lux Purple (12LUX)
  • Midnight Blue (12MNB)
  • Rich Butterscotch Blonde (12rBSB)
  • Royal Purple (12RPL)
  • Purple Black Fusion (12SHU)
  • Walnut Brown (12WB)


  • Apple Red (19R1)
  • Autumn Gold (19AG)
  • Autumn Orange (19AO)
  • Black (19B1)
  • Blue Black Fusion (19FB)
  • Cocoa Brown (19CCB)
  • Copper Red (19CR)
  • Classic White (19CW)
  • Dark Red (19DR)
  • Gunmetal Grey (19GG)
  • Ice Purple (19IP)
  • Princess Pink (19PPK)
  • Natural Blonde (19NB)
  • Raspberry Pink (19RPK)
  • Royal Purple (19RPL)
  • Walnut Brown (19WB)


  • Silvery Grey (20S1)
  • Cocoa Brown (20CCB)
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