The Hestia is a bit longer than the character’s hair but once you cut it, the curls should still naturally flair out like the character’s so curling the wig isn’t going to be needed as much. We recommend a brand new color…OH MY GREEN! Which is now available on our site. 😀




He’s just one of those characters that has many different shades if you just gogole him. If you’re looking more of a natural light blonde shade, we’d go with the Apollo in Natural Blonde. However, if you want something more yellow or gold, consider the Apollo in Auutumn Gold.




Our Ponytail Base wig is pretty much perfect for this character. You can re-tie the wig for a higher ponytail look!




We have two different short black wigs that we’d recommend for this character, it just all depends on the what you prefer for the length! The Chronos in Black sits barely at the chin or even a bit shorter. The Aura in Black sits slightly below the chin. Both, however, would most likely require trimming in the bangs and overall area.



Silver Fang

Because of his exposed hiarline, we’d defintely recommend the Atlas style! Either the Classic White or Silvery Grey would work for this Silver Fox–err Fang! ;D The style would most likely require some layering/feathering to get that choppy look.

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