Show Us Your Moves: Sam Cosplays Hatsuharu from Fruits Basket!

Name: Sam
Style and Color: Aether in White and Chronos in Black
Character: Hatsuharu Sohma from Fruits Basket

Epic Cosplay had the honor of providing me with my very first cosplay wig! I had originally ordered the wigs elsewhere and it was a disaster, weeks passed, so did my deadline, and when they finally arrived one was wrong. That’s when I found Epic Cosplay! They responded to my inquiries fast and got the wigs I needed to me the very next week.
To create the Hatsuharu wig I took a seam-ripper and carefully removed the wefts from the bottom half of the Aether and the Chronos. I then hand sewed the wefts from the Chronos onto the Aether to get the white & black transition. That was the most difficult and tedious part of the whole project! I had a friend help me cut it, since I’d never done that before, then I carefully styled it with Got 2b Glued hair products. The wigs were very easy to work with and style! ”

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