SUYM: Roxy Lalonde (Trickster Mode) from Homestuck

Name: Lala

Epic Cosplay wig: Nyx in Teal Blue (discontinued)

Character: Roxy Lalonde (Trickster Mode) from Homestuck

Trickster Roxy has a very special hairstyle, so I had to hand sew the hot pink wefts and do some crazy styling to create the curls, as well as the fringe and the small side curl. It was a long process that involved lots of hairspray, glue and hairdryers (and a bit of tears, I must say). As always, using an EpicCosplay wig was great choice! I was looking for a very specific colour in a wig that took well the amount of heavy styling I was planning on doing, and they didn’t fail me!

roxy-trickster-full-shot trickster-group-1 trickster-group-2

Photographer: SKYline Photography

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