Show Us Your Moves: Qnng Cosplays Celestia from Danganronpa!

Name: qnng / Qiuning


Style and ColorChronos in Black and 35″ Wefts

Character: Celestia Ludenberg from Danganronpa
“This wig was very, very tedious to make and took over 12 hours of my time, but it was actually my first wig styling project that went beyond cutting bangs into shape! For the base, I trimmed the bangs down to a blunt cut and cut the back of the wig short. For the curls, I made two 150” long strips of wire (that’s 25 feet) sandwiched between pieces of black tape, and then laid down black wefts along both sides of each curl base using caulk to secure the hair down. I painted fabric glue on top to prevent any stray hairs from falling off, and then curled them both into giant drill curls, stitching them down with thread and needle to keep them in place. Then I just sewed the curls into my wig and it was good to go! Despite how huge it is, this wig is actually extremely comfortable to wear.
I really love Epic Cosplay wigs because of the quality of the fibers and how smooth and easy to detangle they are, and I wear at least one Epic Cosplay wig every con! The quality of the fibers was a lifesaver while making this wig because I had to work with a lot of long sections of wefts which seemed to want to tangle whenever I picked them up. They detangled right away when I brushed them with my fingers, which was extremely helpful because my hands were already ridiculously sticky from working with caulk and glue.
I also have a tutorial for how I made my wig here:

Photographer: Toshiyasu Morita

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