Show Us Your Moves: Fushicho Cosplays Jam from Guilty Gear X!

Name: Fushicho Cosplay

Facebook: FushichoCosplay

Style and Color: Demeter in Cocoa Brown and 45″ Wefts (discontinued)

Character: Jam Kuradoberi from Guilty Gear X

First off, I started with the large ring I’d be attaching to the wig. In order to get the shape I needed something I could make round but also keep light to keep stress off my head. I had an ingenious idea and decided to use a slim pool noodle and attached the ends together with the help of some mighty duct-tape. After that I spray painted the ring brown so if any parts weren’t fully covered when I was finished with the wig – It wouldn’t show up as bright blue.

For the actual wig work on the ring, I started with the weft and cut it into several pieces so I could work one small area at a time. I used clear silicone caulk and I would apply it onto the weft once I wrapped it around the ring. I repeated this process until the ring was more than halfway covered in the wefts. I applied caulk all over the hair and let it sit to dry for a few hours until it was fully dried. Then I took a wig head and placed the Demeter wig and figured out where I wanted to position the wig. Once I figured out the basic place, I pulled back some of the hair from the crown and put the ring in place. Because the pool noodle is still too thick to sew into the wig, I held in place with some T-Pins and wrapped the hair I pulled back from the front around the ring to keep it in place, applied caulk, and then began work on the rest of it.

The hair was divided into four parts – The hair at the crown to wrap around the top portion, hair at each side of the head to wrap around the remaining sides, and then the hair at the back to cover wefts from showing. Once the ring was completely covered, I did a “criss-cross” pattern at the back of the head to prevent the wefts from showing from the hair that was used on the sides. I left one portion right at the neck of the hair and cut it off – this was used for the hair sticking out of the hair accessory. Any left over hair was cut and then used on the ring on bare spots or to help cover the area where the ring and wig were attached.”


Photographer: Troy Pierce

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