Show Us Your Moves: Oxford Cosplays Pyrrha from Soul Calibur!

Name: Oxford Comma Cosplay aka V from Verssen Werks
Style and Color: Theia in Fusion Vanilla Yellow (discontinued)
Character: Pyrrha Omega from Soul Calibur V.
“This wig is such an incredible color — find a pale blonde wig that still has enough color not to look cheap or wash out was more than I could have hoped for when I picked this character out to cosplay. The wig was very easy to style. A lot of what we did was just to take a thinning shears to it — since the character was possessed we wanted her hair to look a little less full and healthy. We also took a curling iron to the bottom just ever-so-lightly to give the bottom of the wig a little movement — it is a very blunt cut. The bangs were trimmed on my head rather than a wig head to ensure the proper length so they wouldn’t hit me in the eyes. The day of we gave the wig a spritz with hairspray and mussed it up just a bit to give it a little volume.”

Photography: V.Vu Photography.

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