SUYM: Launch from Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z

Name: Colleen Duffy(coconutty93) and Bethany Duffy(fingerpistol)

Epic Cosplay wigs: Hestia in Dark Blue and Hestia in Rich Butterscotch Blonde

Character: Launch from Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z

“This was our first time getting wigs from EpicCosplayWigs and it was great because I was able to just pick them up from the convention and not deal with last minute shipping. We bought them because we liked the style and the colors were perfect for the characters, but we needed something that didn’t require much in the way of styling. These wigs were perfect, so when we get them we brushed the curls to give a little volume and they worked perfectly to our standards.

Additionally, we have a turning photo taken at the 360 rotating photography booth at Anime Expo 2014:”


Photographer: (top image) Al Dupont – Image taken from his Youtube Video, “Anime Expo 2014 (Day 1) Same day edit

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