Show Us Your Moves: LadyofSparda Cosplays Harley Quinn From Batman!

Name: LadyofSparda


Style and Color: Hestia in Natural Blonde

Character: Harley Quinn from Batman

“I trimmed the bangs a bit more as they were a bit longer when I first purchased it  (since this picture I have fluffed out the bangs to resemble the character more) and brushed out the curls to make them a bit longer along with styling the pigtails carefully so no netting showed in the back. I know Harley’s pigtails are usually a bit higher but I really liked the way they looked  a bit lower so I decided to keep them that way. =3 This wig was super easy to style and I’ve had to wash/ detangle it numerous times (mostly due to wear in this humid Florida weather) and I have to say, those curls do not move, no matter how much you brush and style them, they always bounce right back which I absolutely love. Since I purchased it in 2010, That wig has gotten tons of use and love and it still looks pretty amazing. These wigs last, I am very impressed. 😀 ”

Photographer:  Deeliciously Twisted Photography

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