Show Us Your Moves: Ciarathallya Cosplays Queen Nehelenia from Sailor Moon Sailor Stars!

Name:  Ciarathallya


Style and Color:  Hera in Black

Character: Queen Nehelenia from Sailor Moon Sailor Stars

“Before handling the wig for styling I gave it a have dose of Motions oil sheen and let it set for a while. The bangs on the wig were cut to the length I desired.  I used a tad bit of Got2B gel to on the bangs to help maintain the shape of a parted bang.  Also it helps keep fly away hairs in place around the face.  The buns are attached with alligator clips that were sewn onto the buns. This allows for the wig to be transported without difficulty. The wig is not 100% accurate to the character’s floor length hair. This was done on intentionally so that the wig could be worn with ease and less tangling would occur.  After wearing it while handling my daughter I was super shocked at how the wig had minimal tangling even though it was long and curly.”

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