Show Us Your Moves: Amber Cosplays Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII!

Name: Amber White


Style and ColorHestia in Princess Dark Pink (Princess Dark Pink has been replaced with Princess Dark Pink Mix)

Character: Lightning Farron from Final Fantasy XIII

“To style the wig I pinned it to a wig head. Then I used thinning shears to take off a lot of the volume, more from the right side than the left. (It was very painful to do so.) Then I took the bangs and used scissors cutting vertically to get the rouged look. I used hair spray to help get the individual looking peices in the bangs and fringe as well. So far this has been one of my funnest projects with wigs. I buy all of my wigs from Epic Cosplay because they are of such great quality. I have followers on tumblr ask me where I get my wigs and I point them straight to your website. I love the variety of wigs and the shipping is amazing. Stay great.”

Photographers: Renoben Photography, Toshiyasu Morita, Earl Horca


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